Razer Headset Review


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RAZER BLACKSHARK-2.0 gaming headset

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Don’t laugh.  I know on a DIY/lifestyle blog-hahaha, but actually is makes sense since this blog is my lifestyle and well yep, I own a gaming headset.  I got it as a gift.  From my son.  (When he travels, it’s just another way we stay connected.)  We play games together and he insisted I needed one and this one to be exact.  It kinda goes with the awesome purse he bought me one Christmas.  I will have to write a post on that…stay tuned, it’s adorable, what can I say?  Anyway, my review on this headset goes like this…

After he proudly adjusted it to my head, he informed me that it was designed based on the military aviator headsets-the ones worn by attack helicopter pilots.  Cool huh?

What actually blew me away was the sound quality.  It really blocks out all noise except for the fab music that I had playing.  It really intensified the music with crisp-clear sounds. I seriously was thinking, “this is amazing!”  You can detach the microphone if you just want to use it as headphones.  As for the headphones the only acronym is OMG.  I stay up crazy late and one night my son and I were having a chat.  I had to whisper so I didn’t wake the house and he could hear every word I was saying clear as a bell!  I seriously was talking in what I thought was even quieter than a whisper.  I was shocked and impressed.  The quality is superior.

You can plug this into your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phones, Kindle Fire, MacBook Pro etc.  I have used it in all my apple devices as well as my gaming computer.  Easy to use.  When I don’t use it I put it in a box on my desk.  Gotta keep the cords away from my kitty! Do you use a headset? If so, what kind?

You can check it out on Amazon by going here: Razer BlackShark Expert 2.0 Gaming Headset (RZ04-00720100-R3M1)


Cuisinart’s Programmable Coffeemaker Review One Year Later


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Cuisinart’s “Coffee Plus” 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Plus Hot Water System one year later!

It’s been a year and YES I still LOVE this coffeemaker.  This machine has been put to the test for a year brewing at least one pot of coffee and about 6-10 cups of tea daily. When there are guests over, or a party, this pot goes into overdrive and never disappoints! I still would recommend this. Very happy. Very satisfied. You can check out the details HERE. If you own this awesome pot, I hope you love it as much as I do and if you are teetering on if you should or shouldn’t….do it! Make the purchase and enjoy! Here’s to happy brewing! ❤ Kimmie

Cat in Pain? Signs to look for in your furry pet.


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Cats are master disguisers of pain. How are we to know when they are in pain? What are the signs?

First off, I hope you know your pet well. If not, get to know her, after all you are her life line. You are whom she puts her trust in. You are the one that feeds her and grooms her and hopefully plays with her. You know her likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. You know things that make her jump; fireworks, rowdy kids, doggie that loves to chase her…

How about the new kitty you’ve adopted or the one you are fostering? How can you tell if she is in pain? Here are some tips in how you can tell if your feline needs more than love, food, and comfort.

What is the difference between being scared or outright pain?

Is your kitty suddenly running off to dark small spaces?
Is she wailing/crying for no apparent reason?
When you touch her does she shy away/bite at you/claw at you?
Touch her paws and move up each leg. Feel around her neck, down her spine, around her tummy. How does she react? (That was the way I had confirmed my kitties pain and what needed to be done.)
Does she seem abnormally tired/sleepy/not as active?
Any signs of discharge from eyes/ears/bottom?
Is she eating normally?
How about her facial expressions? Is she holding her ears back or in an odd way? Are her eyes glazed/sad-looking? (When one of my kitties was ill, I could tell by the look in his eyes. He had a sad hollow look. His whiskers sort of turned down. He was having some issues with his urinary tract…BTW; he’s completely recovered, yay!)
Look at how she walks. Is her back hunched? Does she hang her head low?
Is her breathing odd, too slow/too fast?
Is she pacing the room as if she can’t get comfortable; laying down only to get right back up?

Hopefully some of these tips will help clue you in on your kitty’s pain. Noticing the pain is the first sign in helping her get better. The signs will be there if you just take a moment to look. Paws and kisses…Kimmie

Collecting Seeds-How to Collect Seeds


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Lettuce flowers to seeds!

Collecting seeds is a lot of fun.  Part of it is knowing I grew this plant, collected its seeds, and then get to grow them again.  There is something awesome in that.  I can’t wait to plant them!

Last years crop was really nice.  The lettuce was colorful, flavorful, and the heads were really full, so you can see how excited I am for this growing season.  I am hoping this years seedlings will produce the same amazing crop so I can repeat the process.

Lettuce looks like, well….lettuce!  But if you don’t pull out the whole plant, and let it grow, and grow, and grow, it will eventually shoot up flowers. (They call this “bolting”–“letting the plant “bolt”.) Aren’t the yellow flowers adorable? Yep, cute as a button.  Are buttons cute?

photo (87)

Adorable yellow flowers 😉

Then if you wait, the flowers will get this soft white “downy” strands. Sort of looks like when the dandelions go to seed.  You remember…plucking them and making a wish on the puffy white “blossom”, then blowing them into the wind! Ahhhh so fun!

photo (82)

See the “downy” soft puffs?

I picked them a couple different ways, but found plucking the whole head was best.  If I just picked the white puffy parts, I noticed some of the seed falling away.  I got smarter and got a large bowl and picked off all the “heads”.  I didn’t want to waste a single seed!

When it comes to planting time I can separate the seed from the chaff.  Though I have planted the seed before with the chaff and had just as good of outcome.  Make sure before you put your seed away for next plantings, that you are positive that everything is dry.  If it molds, then you have to toss it.  Booooo. *insert tears here*  I have a cupboard that I lay them out on paper towels for at least a week to make sure. Then store them in a glass jar, paper bag, plastic zip baggie.  Label and date the container.

The next time you plant lettuce, if you like the color, taste, texture, etc., let a plant or two “bolt” and you will be able to harvest the seeds for next planting.

Start planning now for what you will be planting this Spring!

Do you collect seeds?  If so, what kind?

Happy gardening! Kimmie ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾

DIY Dog Bed Easy as 1-2-3


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Thinking outside the box can be really fun when creating pet beds. This one is made out of a bass drum.  (My son’s very first drum set when he was five!) He didn’t want to get rid of it so he donated it to my many causes…Stay tuned for what I’ve done to the rest of his drum kit!

So what I did here was simply take off one of the heads and added a pillow.  Her blanket was in the washer at the time, but you get the idea.  Lay something soft down and your pet will know what to do!

This drum was lovingly refinished, sanded and stained by my son, to allow the natural wood to shine through.

It’s a conversation starter and looks very stylish anywhere in the home. Get creative…re-think…re-purpose! What creative ways have you used in making pet beds? Please let me know what you think. Be sure to check back, I have plenty more bed ideas for your furry friends! Paws and kisses…Kimmie

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photo (3) photo (4) photo (5)

Trees: What to do with your Spruce: Baby Blue Spruce to be exact!


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Loving our Baby Blue Spruce!

Sharing with you….

This sweet little baby blue spruce is our Christmas tree! For many years we’ve had a “fake” tree. It has always been difficult for me to have a tree that it’s roots have been cut off. (Not judging, I swear!) It’s just me.  I even get sad if a tree of mine gets a broken limb. I do love the smell of a real tree in a home. The fresh pine scent makes me feel all warm and cozy. My daughter asked for one thing this year for Christmas…a REAL tree.  As a surprise her brother bought and decorated this living tree.  Yep he’s sweet like that. Sister was happy and told the world of his gift to her.  Yep she’s sweet like that.

We will replant this baby as needed and continue to use it for however long until it gets too big to drag indoors!

This baby blue; scientific name: Picea pungens, is so lovely in person.  You don’t see the “blue” too much right now.  I suspect that’s because it’s still a baby.

The new growth is just precious!  I know that sounds silly, but it is precious!  The bright green gives me hope that this tree is healthy and happy enough to grow and keep on growing! The new needles are so downy soft.  (Kitty likes it too!)

In the wild, the spruce can grow up to 75 feet, but on the container it says it will reach 45 feet and about 15 feet wide. This baby will eventually have a “blue” hue to it.  I am looking forward to seeing this change and am considering dotting the landscape with a few more so when this baby gets too big to lug indoors it will have an already established pack of blue spruces to join! I think about 6-8 blue spruce would look amazing mixed in with other green trees we’ve planted around the property. What do you think? 😀

Did you know…

*Twigs of this spruce is given to bring good luck? Perhaps if we ever meet up I will give you a sprig. 😉

*Medicinal teas made from the needles help to calm an upset stomach and ease the common cold.

*Mashing the needles in to a pulp to extract its juices can be used externally to relieve rheumatic pains.

Easier yet to buy the essential oil of the spruce (Picea pungens). Always buy essential oils from a trusted source.  You never want “fragrance oils”.  Know the source! Your health is number one!

For the teas/tinctures steeping the needles is fine.

(Keep in mind not all spruces are medicinal.)

I like to use this oil to relieve respiratory congestion or for other breathing related problems. It helped greatly when we had bronchitis because of its strong anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. This worked for us as an expectorant too.

Containing d-limonene means it’s antiviral.  All of its beneficial properties makes this a fabulous oil to use as a disinfectant.

When I get a cut, this oil is one of many of my go to essential oils I use. It’s anti-inflammatory! I feel cuts, skin irritations, or any bruising I get, heal much faster.

I like to add a few drops into my home humidifier. The scent is very uplifting as well as useful in cleaning the air.

Here’s to you all finding something to uplift your spirits today! ✿

*As always to be safe, check facts and all appropriate professionals when adding or changing anything in your life.

Simple Wall Shelf (part 2)


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I wrote a post about building a (simple hall shelf) somewhere, anywhere in your home; this post is showing you that I’ve added hooks.

Okay so I mentioned that I wanted to add these dragonfly hooks that I had.  Well here they are! I had two and needed a third.  Target; where I bought them, was out of them. In fact I think they stopped carrying them.  I happened to have hung one in a closet awhile back.  Yep I snagged it! No worries, I will find something else to hang in there.  That closet has had a few transformations, one of them being a hockey closet! (My son played Jr. hockey.)

Adding these hooks made the shelf even more “convenient”.  Those headphones you see pictured have been sat down and misplaced more times than I can count.  I use them all the time when vacuuming and mowing the lawn.

I really like the added detail.  It really pulls it all together.  Makes for a great spot to hang my purse or a dog leash or just nothing at all. I think the dragonflies are adorable and I can’t help but grin when I see them. 😀

To everyone out there, find your daily smile.  Just look, it’s out there.  Here’s to the small joys every day! ✽  ✿  ❀

Easy to make lighting anyone can create!


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Let there be light… Easy to make lighting anyone can create!

Ambiance lighting done simply and super fast! Gotta love that 😀

picstitch (14)

The last pic is to show you the difference in darkness…I’m not really that bad at taking pictures 😛 Pretty huh?

Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. A few of these around the house can really add some fun and intimate lighting. As you can see here…all this is, is a large jar with a string of white lights stuffed into it. My favorite is the white lights. I have them pretty much year round, but during holidays, it’s fun to put in purple lights or orange or pink! They are on my mantle as you see here. I also have a couple on top of tall bookshelves and it really adds a nice touch. Makes for great night lights for guests that need to find their way to the kitchen or to the bathroom during the middle of the night. Have fun with it! It’s like fireflies in a jar!

photo 1

picstitch (13)

Even in the bathroom!

Organizing…It’s not a dirty “O” letter word!


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Organizing…The Key To A Less Hectic Life…

I can’t say enough about organizing.  I’ve said it for years; “An organized life is a happy life”.  (I know there are other things that make for a happy life. 😛 ) But really, how many times do you have to lose your keys before you simply make a hook beside your door?  Or have that one spot you drop your keys onto every time?  Where is that bill?  Under the stack of newspapers only to get accidentally tossed out in the recyclables?  Where is that shirt…only to find it underneath the mountain of clothes you keep tossing here and there, because deep inside you are hoping one day you will make it into the Guinness book of world records with the highest pile of laundry?!  How many times must we miss-place things before we make a change?  The frustration of always “looking” for whatever it is can be such a waste of time physically and mentally.

I am not OCD about organizing.  My books are not alphabetically arranged (though that could be cool…hmmm maybe one day…), I don’t break down if something is out of place, but here in my home, things do have their place, which makes my life easier as I cheer–care for–and love the people and myriad of animals that come into my world.

If your house is in a crazed-disorganized mess, don’t fret!  Take one thing at a time.  Start in on one area (the bathroom), or one corner of a room, or one table-top; one surface at a time!  It can be overwhelming.  So start small.  Once you see a cleared off spot, it will motivated you to tackle another area.

I’m going to give you some easy tips on what I do and have done in the past.

In the beginning, at the start of your organization; turn on some music.  Whatever music that gets you in the mood to sing along!  It’s a must for lifting the drugery of “Gah…so much to do!”  😀

Now, get three containers.  1. Trash.  2. Donate.  3. Keep.    I usually will have a trash bin and two laundry baskets; marked keep and donate.  As I pick from the pile I make the decision right then and there.  After the pile is gone, I immediately take the trash out and disperse it in the proper trash bins (recycle, mulch, trash).  I will put the donation things into a bag and put it in the car.  All the “keep” items, I then put where they belong.   Repeat until everything is in it’s place.  It really is that simple.  If this still sounds overwhelming, call a friend, you know, the friend that has a clutter free home… 🙂   Sometimes a friend can help make decisions you have difficulty with; “Should I donate that those jeans, shirt, shoes, I never wear?”  “How about the hula lamp?”  “The sofa in the garage?”  You will find donating feels good because you are not throwing “good” items into the trash and knowing someone can benefit from the things you don’t need anymore is indeed a good thing.

To avoid piles of chaos again, I try not to allow my laziness to creep in and simply put whatever it is in its rightful place.  It can be difficult sometimes when you are dog tired, but the benefits to those seconds of wanting to toss your jacket over the chair, or shuck of your socks and leave them on the bedroom floor, or not putting the hedge clippers back on the hook in the garage, will be out-weighed when the next time you are looking for said object, you won’t be cussing at yourself at where you haphazardly laid it, as well as your home will be “guest-ready” for the next time you have an unexpected visitor.   You will thank yourself for putting things back in its place.

I find having a place for everything is the key to a  less stressful life.  For me having things in their place and the ease of finding what I need gives me a mental boost knowing I am not wasting my time always in the “looking” mode!

I will be posting a series of organizing tips, tricks, and ideas to hopefully help you in your home and life.  Let me know, if you would like me to post about a certain organizing problem, issue, or question.  Please, let me know if this was helpful to you.  Happy organizing!